Fully Automated AI/ML
Infrastructure and Pipelines

AWS Sagemaker with 80% less cost

Edgebricks empowers businesses by offering a comprehensive and scalable solution, ensuring that AI/ML projects have the necessary infrastructure to thrive.

Machine learning infrastructure serves as a crucial necessity for any AI/ML project within an organization. At Edgebricks, we strive to simplify the process by offering an intuitive and user-friendly infrastructure solution, specifically designed for building and managing AI/ML workloads.

Our goal is to make the implementation of AI/ML infrastructure accessible to all, eliminating complexity and streamlining the process. With Edgebricks, we provide a fully automated software platform that effortlessly transforms servers, GPUs, and disks into powerful AI/ML infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Setup AI/ML infrastructure and pipeline in few hours
  • Lower total cost of ownership by 80%
  • Provide self-service to AI dev team
  • Provide control, visibility and low opex to devops team

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    Edgebricks enables you to use your own GPUs, eliminating costly cloud server rentals for AI modeling and inference tasks.

    Edgebricks offers a groundbreaking solution that allows you to bring your own GPUs, eliminating the need to rent expensive GPU servers in the cloud for running AI modeling or inference tasks. This approach empowers you with choice and control over your AI infrastructure while significantly reducing costs. By leveraging your own GPUs, you can set up your AI/ML infrastructure and pipeline in just a matter of hours. Edgebricks simplifies the entire process, enabling you to quickly get started with your AI initiatives without lengthy setup times or complex configurations.

    Simplify Building and Operating Machine Learning Infrastructure

    Instead of trying to stitch all the pieces together, we provide an end-to-end AI/ML infrastructure, where you can simply start by running your pipelines. You can simply give access to your AI/ML engineers and have them operate in a self-service manner.

    Build Hybrid AI/ML pipelines using Edge cloud and Public Cloud

    We provide a unique model where you can offload expensive stage of the pipeline that do the training, to on-premises infrastructure. However, you can continue to consume some resources in the cloud if needed.

    Built-in Object Store
    for Your Data​

    We provide a built-in object store in Edgebricks cloud to store this data and run training jobs on the servers with very fast access to data on the same LAN. No need to pay high data storage or access costs in the cloud.

    AI/ML Pipeline Templates​

    We provide built-in templates to get started. Your team can quickly see how to train YOLO based object detection models. These templates can also be customized to fit your needs.