Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Edgebricks Chatbot Platform is a secure and flexible solution that allows businesses to build, test, and deploy chatbots quickly and efficiently. It supports self-hosted deployment on your own infrastructure, ensuring complete control over data security and privacy.
You can build, test, and deploy a chatbot to production in just 10 minutes using the Edgebricks platform. You can bring your own data which can be textual or even relational data.
Edgebricks provides a self-hosted solution, allowing you to deploy your chatbot on your own infrastructure, whether it’s on a public cloud like AWS or on-premises. This ensures that you have complete control over data access and compliance with privacy regulations.
Yes, Edgebricks offers flexible hosting options. You can host your chatbot on any public cloud provider or private data center that meets your data governance needs.
Automated QA testing is a feature of the Edgebricks platform that streamlines the testing process for chatbots. It reduces the time and effort required to ensure that chatbots are production-ready, making the process more efficient and repeatable.
The feedback loop allows for continuous improvement of chatbot responses. It enables you to refine and optimize responses based on user interactions, ensuring an ever-enhancing user experience.
Our expert team is available to assist with the building, testing, and deployment of chatbots. We ensure a seamless transition to production and offer ongoing support as needed.
Unlike traditional SaaS platforms, Edgebricks offers a self-hosted solution, giving you complete control over your data. Our platform is designed for quick deployment, robust security, and continuous improvement, making it a standout choice for businesses with stringent data privacy requirements.
Yes, Edgebricks provides AI/ML automation for a variety of projects beyond chatbots, empowering businesses to leverage advanced technologies efficiently and securely.

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