Create a Chatbot With
Any Private Data in 10 minutes

Build, test, improve and Deploy a chatbot using your own data and state of the art AI models 

Keep your data secure within your account or datacenter
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Get Chatbots with full data privacy and security

Build, test and deploy chatbots using your own data behind your own firewall leveraging multiple LLMs models. Many companies offer SaaS solutions to help build chatbots. We have a solution that you can

run in your own account and build a chatbot using private data in a secure manner

Key Features

Build Chatbot in 10 minutes

Say goodbye to lengthy development cycles. With our intuitive interface, you can have a 
chatbot up and running in no time

Customize Your Chatbot Using

Your Own Data

Leverage your unique data to create chatbots tailored to your business needs. Seamlessly integrate your data for a personalized customer experience.

Train and Refine With Ease

Say goodbye to lengthy development cycles. With our intuitive interface, you can have a 
chatbot up and running in no time

Choose Between OpenAI or Private
LLM Options

Select the language model that best suits your requirements. Whether OpenAI's versatility or the privacy of a private LLM, EB Chatbot has you covered.

Test, Iterate, and Make It Production-Ready Effortlessly

Effortlessly test your chatbot, refine its performance, and deploy it to production, making your chatbots better every day.

Host on AWS or Your Preferred

Enjoy the freedom of hosting your chatbot on your preferred cloud platform for optimal flexibility and data privacy

Provide Feedback for Improved Responses

If the response is not relevant or you are unsatisfied with the answer, provide feedback. EB Chatbot adapts to your preferences for a more tailored experience

Open Source Models for Advanced Customization

Explore the world of open-source models for advanced customization. Tailor your chatbot's intelligence to meet your specific business requirements

Additional Features

Multiple Data Sources

Import data from multiple sources to train your


Customise your chatbot’s look and feel to match your brand’s style and website design

White Label

Incorporate your brand identity and utilize a personalized domain.

Privacy and Security

Your data is hosted on secure servers with reburst encryptions and access confident.

Auto Retrains

Set your chatbots to retrain automatically and always be synced with your data.


Correct your chatbot to your favorite tools like Slack, WhatsApp and more

Powerful AI Models

Choose from a variety AL models including GPT -3 and GPT- 4

80+ Languages

Reach your customers in their native language even if your data is in native langauage

Use Cases


Customer Support

Enable the Chatbot to provide immediate assistance to users, guiding them through troubleshooting steps, accessing relevant resources, and resolving queries effectively.


Internal Expert

Empower employees with the Chatbot as an internal knowledge base, facilitating quick access to company information, policies, and procedures, enhancing productivity and collaboration within the organization


Product Expert

Utilize the Chatbot to act as a virtual product expert, offering detailed information, specifications, and guidance to users, assisting them in making informed decisions about products or services.

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Sales Helper

Leverage the Chatbot as a sales assistant, guiding potential customers through the sales process, providing personalized recommendations, and addressing inquiries to boost conversions and sales.

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Lead Generation Image

Lead Generation

Utilize the Chatbot to engage website visitors, gather relevant information, and qualify leads through interactive conversations, facilitating the generation of potential customers for further marketing efforts

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Edgebricks Chatbot Platform is a secure and flexible solution that allows businesses to build, test, and deploy chatbots quickly and efficiently. It supports self-hosted deployment on your own infrastructure, ensuring complete control over data security and privacy.
You can build, test, and deploy a chatbot to production in just 10 minutes using the Edgebricks platform. You can bring your own data which can be textual or even relational data.
Edgebricks provides a self-hosted solution, allowing you to deploy your chatbot on your own infrastructure, whether it’s on a public cloud like AWS or on-premises. This ensures that you have complete control over data access and compliance with privacy regulations.
Yes, Edgebricks offers flexible hosting options. You can host your chatbot on any public cloud provider or private data center that meets your data governance needs.
Automated QA testing is a feature of the Edgebricks platform that streamlines the testing process for chatbots. It reduces the time and effort required to ensure that chatbots are production-ready, making the process more efficient and repeatable.

Customer Support

Discover how EB Chatbot can transform your customer interactions. Experience the power of data-driven
chatbots and revolutionize the way you communicate with your customers.