Low Latency Compute

Fast Compute, Better Business Outcomes

Low latency is the ability of a computing system or network to provide responses with minimal delay. A low latency cloud can significantly improve your user experience and enable new applications.

Run Low Latency Compute at the Edge

Edgebricks provides a low latency compute close to your users and data

Many applications need to run with very low latency and cannot afford to send data to the cloud for computation. Some examples include IoT data analysis, real-time multiplayer games, network stream analysis, medical diagnostics systems, manufacturing execution systems, high-frequency trading and others. You cannot rely on latency or bandwidth to your nearest public cloud to do computation on the data, where real time decisions need to be made. Speed of light can be a constraint in itself!

Convert standard hardware to a local cloud

You can bring your own servers and convert them to a fully managed cloud environment. Configure CPU, RAM and storage based on your application needs. Start as small as one node and grow from there.

Manage multiple locations from a single UI

Deploy this edge cloud at multiple locations and manage from from the single web based UI. Centralized control plane will show alerts, stats and usage statistics. We take care of upgrading or fixing any issues using remote management.

Secure App Deployment with Monitoring, Logging & Alerting

In some cases, edge cloud cannot provide all services that are available in a public cloud. You can connect applications on the edge to public cloud resources for a true hybrid cloud experience.

Isolation Among Dev Teams

We allow creating an isolated environment for different projects and teams. One team cannot access resources from other team but still gets full self-service within their project. Project based quotas help in proper resource isolation and billing. You can see exactly which team is consuming how many resources and control that for each individual resource.

Backup and Restore from Cloud

For critical stateful workloads, you can configure remote backup to cloud. These are stored in object store like S3. Get peace of mind and disaster recovery using this remote backup.

Industry Specific Solutions


Run your network functions at the edge to handle SD-WAN and 5G network applications and data processing with low latency. You can run both VNF in VMs or CNF containers for 5G. Get a multi-site and multi-cluster view from a single UI with alerts and notifications.


Run your manufacturing control systems that take data from your factory floor equipment or sensors and make real time decisions to operate the machines. Improve your operational efficiency and do quality control by running AI on incoming camera streams. Manage IT across sites and monitor workloads from a single UI.


Run your local applications in a retail store like sales systems, analytics on your sales data, analyze video streams coming in from cameras. Reduce overall cost and dependency on cloud connectivity. Manage IT and applications across multiple retail locations from a single web based UI. Get backup of your data to cloud for global analytics and data warehousing.


Run medical diagnostics applications on local servers connected to your machines. Data gets to stay on-premises and you can provide remote access to doctors if needed. Archive data to cloud for compliance. You can also run applications related to patient monitoring devices for local access and real time decision making.