Edge computing is enabling the next generation of applications.
We help customers build and deploy apps across edge & public clouds in a secure and compliant manner.

Why Edgebricks?

Edge computing is one of the key trends for the next 10 years. We are seeing an exponential growth in highly connected devices, Industrial IoT, smart cameras, 5G networks, and data creation at the edge. All this is causing computation to move near the edge instead of cloud. Sending all data to the cloud is not possible due to bandwidth and latency limitations. Computation and storage are moving to edge for various reasons:
Edge is going to replace cloud for many of these use cases, like desktops replaced main frames a few decades ago
However it is not easy to build, manage and operate edge deployments across multiple locations and deploy apps on that infrastructure. Current solutions require a much higher Opex and do not provide a seamless hybrid interface. The world needs a simpler solution for edge computing to make computing greener and more responsive to next generation of workloads

What we do?

We are making it easier for enterprises and SMBs to leverage edge computing by provide a fully managed edge deployments that are seamlessly integrated with public clouds.

We are building a simple edge cloud that can be deployed on commodity hardware and servers within minutes. This edge cloud is fully managed from a central control plane and can be connected to public cloud resources using VPN. These edge environments can scale from 1 node to a few dozen nodes in a seamless manner.

Furthermore, applications can be deployed across edge and cloud based on the latency requirements, data residency needs, bandwidth limitations and cost. Apps deployed on edge can be fully protected by cloud using periodic backup.

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Why you should join?

Join at ground floor and grow rapidly with the company!

There is no ceiling on how fast you can learn and grow. This is a great opportunity to join a company that is making a very secular trend a reality. You will be joining at an early stage and be part of a high caliber, fast growing team. We come from some of the well-known cloud, virtualization, storage and networking companies. We leverage languages like golang and python to build software and use latest SDLC practices. We leverage containers and Kubernetes for packaging and automated deployments.

We are well funded and backed by large corporate investment. We are also very close to the initial product launch and plan to raise next funding round after the launch later this year.