Building an edge cloud should not be
this hard

Pain Points Today:

High Operational Cost

Hard to build and deploy edge clouds

App Deployment takes time

Apps require a lot of Devops work

No Centralized Remote Management

Hard to manage sites independently

Lack of Public Cloud Integration

Edge is not enough in some cases

We are on a mission to simplify edge computing and
making it more affordable for everyone

Edge computing is transforming multiple industries by offering low latency compute, localized data analysis, machine learning based inference and real time data analysis to make decisions. Many companies are realizing that an edge cloud is better suited to some of their applications and using a remote cloud model, although easy is quite expensive and not as performant. In fact, most public cloud vendors are also offering on-premises infrastructure that ties the customer back to their specific cloud and way of doing things.

But we do it differently offering both flexibility and control to customers.

How do we do it?

We have built a software solution that can transform a set of commodity servers into a highly resilient cloud, starting with as small as 1 server node. This is not possible using existing technologies as a small cloud typically cannot be packed in such a small form factor. In fact, just the management and operations related to cloud can take multiple servers.

Unique Two-tier Architecture

We have created a unique, innovative design where the edge servers run only the minimal software needed for consolidating compute, storage and networking resources. Rest of the management, monitoring and operations for the cloud are handled using a centralized web
platform delivered as SaaS.

Key Features

Built-in Application Services

When an application is deployed, one needs some set of core services like logging, monitoring, alerting, and security. We have built-in those services in the platform, so that they can be deployed using a single click without too much devops burden on your team.

Seamless connectivity to Public Clouds

It is simply not possible for an edge cloud to offer all the services that large public clouds provide. However developers are building applications that use one or more services provided by public cloud using APIs. In some cases, these services may run in a public cloud and need to talk to your application services running on premises. We provide a uniform model to deploy applications across edge and public cloud, so that your team just has to choose a location using tags. This allows our customers to choose the best location for each service and leverage the best of both an edge cloud and public cloud services. We are able to provide private, secure connectivity to your VPCs in public cloud so that your developers don’t have to worry about how to access services running there.


We obviously can’t provide resilience for a single or two node environments, but for 3 or more nodes, the edge cloud can tolerate failures of all resources if needed. We expect customers to deploy applications that can work in a scale out manner, so that they are not dependent on a specific instance altogether, but the system allows you to run multiple instances of a service and provides reliable storage using a distributed storage architecture.

Support Model

We have built-in 24×7 remote monitoring for all our cloud deployments and we can send alerts to your team as and when we detect any problems. These can be either fixed by your team or we can take care of first level of support for edge infrastructure.

Our unique architecture has several advantages:

Please reach out to to learn more or discuss your use case. We are also happy to provide services for solution architecture or design if needed.