Build, test and deploy chatbot

in 10 minutes

Experience Seamless Control: Chatbot Deployment in Minutes with Total Data Privacy

Build, test and deploy chatbot in 10 minutes with your own data, data privacy and security behind your own firewall.

As many companies offer SaaS solutions to help build chatbots. We have a solution that you can run on your own servers.

Why Choose EdgeBricks?

At EdgeBricks, we prioritize your data security and privacy. With our platform, you not only build chatbots with ease but also ensure your data remains safe and under your control.

Flexibility in Hosting Options

Choose where your chatbots reside, be it AWS or your preferred cloud provider, aligning with your data privacy needs.

Streamlined Testing and Feedback

Effortlessly test, iterate, and refine your chatbots to perfection with our intuitive platform and feedback loop.

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