Build a Custom Chatbot Using Your
Own Data, Deploy anywhere

We provide complete chatbot lifecycle management from dev, to testing,
to production deployment

Build a chatbot with complete data privacy and security

Many companies offer SaaS solutions to help build chatbots. In those cases you have to share 
data with third party vendors. We have a solution using which you can build, test and deploy 
chatbots using your own data leveraging multiple LLM models

How it works ?

Upload Data

Gather and upload the necessary data using files and URLs. Whether it's text files, CSVs documents, simply upload your data, and we'll take care of the rest.

Train your model

Choose the embedding technique that best suits your needs. Edgebricks offers a range of options to select the type of model you want to build

Select base LLM

You can select from a variety of base LLM which are API based (like GPT 4 or claude) or deploy in your own account (like LAMA 3 or Falcon)

Deploy Chatbot for testing

ntegrate your trained chatbot seamlessly into your website or 
application with just a few clicks clicks. Our user-friendly deployment process ensures that your chatbot is up and running in no time, ready to engage with your audience 24/7


Empower your chatbot through iterative training sessions, refining its comprehension and responsiveness. Monitor the training progress closely, enabling adjustments to ensure peak performance and relevance

Deploy in Production

Deploy chatbot in production in your own account or using API based LLMs. Our solution also provides performance, stats and other metrics related to your chatbot

Key Features

Build Chatbot in 10 minutes

Say goodbye to lengthy development cycles. With our intuitive interface, you can have a 
chatbot up and running in no time

Customize Your Chatbot Using

Your Own Data

Leverage your unique data to create chatbots tailored to your business needs. Seamlessly integrate your data for a personalized customer experience.

Train and Refine With Ease

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to train and refine your chatbot. Continuously 
improve responses and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

Choose Between OpenAI or Private
LLM Options

Select the language model that best suits your requirements. Whether OpenAI's versatility or the privacy of a private LLM, EB Chatbot has you covered.

Test, Iterate, and Make It Production-Ready Effortlessly

Effortlessly test your chatbot, refine its performance, and deploy it to production, making your chatbots better every day.

Host on AWS or Your Preferred

Enjoy the freedom of hosting your chatbot on your preferred cloud platform for optimal flexibility and data privacy

Provide Feedback for Improved Responses

If the response is not relevant or you are unsatisfied with the answer, provide feedback. EB Chatbot adapts to your preferences for a more tailored experience

Open Source Models for Advanced Customization

Explore the world of open-source models for advanced customization. Tailor your chatbot's intelligence to meet your specific business requirements


Customer Support

Discover how EB Chatbot can transform your customer interactions. Experience the power of data-driven
chatbots and revolutionize the way you communicate with your customers.