Local Data Processing

Get Cloud Close to your Data.
Data is heavy, move compute next to it.

It helps companies meet data residency requirements for
compliance, legal or other reasons.

Run compute closer to your data

Get Cloud Close to your Data
Data is heavy, move compute next to it

If you are producing data close to the edge, you need to handle computation closer to that. Edgebricks provides edge-cloud to handle such use cases across various industries.

It also helps companies meet data residency requirements for compliance, legal or other reasons.

Data is heavy, store and process it on the Edge

In many industries, data is produced close to the edge. Some common use cases include video surveillance, IoT devices in a manufacturing plant, cameras capturing data for quality assurance, diagnostics data in healthcare, retail stores capturing data within the store. We provide a fully managed edge cloud to store and process such data without incurring any high bandwidth or networking costs to transmit the data outside. You can transmit the processed output or archive some data to cloud if needed.

Meet data residency requirements

In many geographies or industries there are legal requirements on data residency and storage within a certain area. If you cannot send data to a public cloud, you can use Edgebricks to build an edge cloud to store and process data on the edge. Edgebricks has the following unique features that help with data storage and processing.

Low latency access

Get low latency access to your data that is produced locally by running compute on the edge. Data and compute can be on the same set of servers or on the same local area network.

No extra egress bandwidth cost

Hosting data in cloud and accessing it, can incur high egress bandwidth cost. Store and host your data from on-premises cloud to avoid these costs. Data can be accessed over VPN or public Internet based on your use case.

Built-in reliable storage

Edgebricks cloud comes with a scale-out, reliable storage either using SSDs or HDDs in the servers. You can also connect with external storage arrays or NFS stores in your premises or cloud.

Hyperconverged Design

Local disks within servers can be used to create a scale out storage or act as local storage for workloads. No need to add external storage.

Backup to Cloud

Any critical data can be snapshotted and backed up to cloud. In case of a disaster, you can set up the edge cloud again using the backup from the cloud.

Industry Specific Solutions

Video Surveillance

IP cameras produce a lot of data locally that needs to be stored or processed using various AI models for security and surveillance. Use edge cloud to run your VMS application and coonect to local cameras. You can store the streams and also do processing on them if needed on the same hardware. We support running most of the VMS applications such as AXIS, Genetec, Milestone.

Quality Checks in Manufacturing

Many manufacturing industries need to run AI inference on local camera streams to detect quality or compliance issues. These streams cannot be sent to cloud due to bandwidth limitations. Run your AI inference applications on servers with GPUs and get insights or events from the video data.

Retail Apps and Analytics

Run your local applications in a retail store like sales systems, analytics on your sales data, analyze video streams coming in from cameras. Reduce overall cost and dependency on cloud connectivity. Manage IT and applications across multiple retail locations from a single web based UI. Get backup of your data to the cloud for global analytics and data warehousing.